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Habla de cualquier videojuego que no sea Smash.
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Por El_Bardo
Hilo para recopilar Fakes/Rumores sobre lo que mostraran en el E3 2017, siempre es divertido ir viendo lo que saca la gente :VeyroNade: . Empiezo poniendo lo que he encontrado :

Supuesto minivideo revelador de Smash Bros Deluxe :

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is getting a port. This surprised me since it's supposed to have sold like ass in Japan. Maybe they're trying to escape the wii u's low userbase. No more wii u ports iirc

Pilotwings + Waverace is a new game... set on wuhu island from what I can see and resembles the 3ds pilotwings and wii sports resort jetskiing. Nothing too big, nothing anyone asked for, but it looks pretty fun for casual play

Square Enix's octopath traveller is there, and I've nothing to say about it because it was only half set up. 

Sonic Mania and Forces have booths. There is a new level in Mania that is shown off, reminds me of sky sanctuary but I don't think it is. Forces is, well, forces and I didn't see anything new there. The public will prob get to try the C.C. (tbc below)

Monster Hunter XX port is coming. I know it's been announced in Japan but this is the localised version. 3ds and switch versions will both be playable.

Sin and Punishment Angel's Ascent is a new game in the Sin and Punishment series (last one was on the wii I think). Very flashy, looks as if it was developed by Platinum

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch has a booth. Notice how it's not the "legendary edition". Graphics seem to be improved, though, so no idea what this means

Project Mekuru (that low budget panel flipping eshop game) has a booth
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Esto es más falso que un billete de 7€ de madera, son 30 minutos de conferencia según han dicho y con eso saldría a juego por minuto, ni de coña.
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