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Por Greward
Miis do NOT get equipment bonuses when customization is off, but they keep their custom moveset
There are at least 25 different mii variants. Potentially 49.
% damage taken does not seem to affect their KO window
Heavy miis deal slightly more damage
Light miis are slightly faster than heavies but for less dmg
Short Miis have better landing lag and move faster but their dodge rolls are short range. This also affects their grab range(?)
Tall Miis have longer reach and dodgeroll further, but bigger hitboxes and less mobile This also affects their grab range(?)
On paper it sounds like shortlight miis have it the best, but their jumps can make SHFF attacks impractical at times. Some weight/height to offset the overshot jumps helps, although the reduced landing lag is definitely a plus. They were the only mii able to perform the pseudo-chaingrab during the unlisted gunner test. ... 1st_draft/

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