Bienvenidos a Smash Bros. Spain

Smash Bros. Spain es el hogar de la comunidad española de Smash Bros.

¡Únete y podrás participar en los torneos online, enterarte de cuándo serán los próximos torneos presenciales y compartir con nosotros todas tus inquietudes!

Foreigners can post here, use English please.
February 23rd, 24th and 25th
Vila-real (Castellón)
The dynasty continues and the Temple of Roll, the Venue that hosted a remarkable number of national tournaments and among them, the first edition of the RDT, reopens it's doors with it's second edition, the Roll Dynasty Tournament 2.

RDT1 was a national success, so the TOs in this second edition will continue to try their best to expand their limits and offer a better tournament than the previous edition. If you liked the RDT1, we give our word that the RDT2 will be better.

We can hold up to
200 players in the venue, where you can sleep at no further cost Friday and Saturday.

Who will reclaim the crown? Don't miss the next chapter in the history of Competitive Smash in Spain.
[center]Espai Jove Vila-Real
Av. França, 25, 12540 Vila-real, Castelló, España

- Kai
- El_Bardo
- Kanna
- Makoto
- ForTseKe
- Kiro
- Robo~Luigi
- El_Pitikla
- Abogado
- SuperChoko

Sign ups are open until 18/02/2018.
Sign ups to the events will be open until 18/02/2018.
Venue fee: 7€ -> 10€ -> 12€ -> 15€.
Smash 4 Singles: 10€.
Smash 4 Teams: 5€ per player.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: The payment will be made via Paypal processed by Smash.GG. We will not accept payment at the Venue.
[fila][celda]18/12/2017 - 24/12/2017 23:59:00[/celda][celda]
[fila][celda]25/12/2017 00:00:00 - 12/01/2018 23:59:00[/celda][celda]
[fila][celda]13/01/2018 00:00:00 - 11/02/2018 23:59:00[/celda][celda]
[fila][celda]12/02/2018 00:00:00 - 18/02/2018 23:59:00[/celda][celda]
[fila][celda] 19/02/2018 00:00:00[/celda][celda]SIGN UPS CLOSED[/celda][/fila][/tabla]

All times are CEST (Madrid)[/spoiler]
All information about ruleset and prizes can be found on the SmashGG event page. Click here to access.


Stage list

Starter Stages

•Final Destination
•Lylat Cruise
•Town and City

Counterpick Stages

•Dream Land 64*
•Omega Stages**

*It is treated as a battlefield in the ban phase.
If Battlefield is banned, Dream Land 64 will be banned and vice versa
** It is treated as a Final Destination in the ban phase. If Final Destination is banned, the Omega Stages also and vice versa. The allowed Omega Stages are Suzaku Castle, Wily Castle and Midgar.

Counterpick Stage Striking

After each game, the winner will ban a stage from the list of Starters & Counterpick.
This ban will not remain for the whole set. The winner will have to ban again after each match from the same set.

Stage Striking

Players will decide who ban first in a BO1 rock, paper and scissors.


Coaching only allowed before starting the set.

Mii characters

Mii characters will be allowed only as a default mii but with any custom.
Link to complete ruleset: Click here.
- Available showers in the venue both for men and women separatelly.
- Availabity to sleep in the venue or the gym during the nights of Friday and Saturday. All the info here
- The venue doesn't have access to sleeping mats or similar, so all attendants must bring their own materials to sleep.
- It's totally forbbiden to consume alcohol in the venue. In case of breach of this rule, the Staff can take the measures deemed appropriate.
- Respect and use only your respective bathrooms. It is extremely prohibited to invade the opposite sex bathrooms and will be penalized.
- There is a mall, market and multiple eating areas nearby the venue.
· Local Train from Valencia: C6 Valencia-Castellón de la Plana, get down in Vila-Real station which is the previous to Castellon, end of the line.

· Renfe Long Distance: You can get to Vila-Real using the line that connects Valencia with Barcelona, more info in

· By Plane: The two closest airports to Vila-Real are : Manises ( Valencia ) where you can then use a Local train to get in less than 1 hour to Vila-Real, or the airport of Castellón.
¡A5 sized custom prints with a character and quote as you wish!

- 2€ each.
- Sturdy paper, not the regular flexible and fragile one.
- Will be handed in person at Roll Dynasty Tournament 2.
- Order yours through the next form: ... Q/viewform
- The payment must be done via Paypal to . The order won't be accepted until we receive the payment.


P: ¿Can I ask for my character to get extra elements in my print? (IE: Marth with a wizard hat)?
R: No, since we take the screens straight from gameplay, we won't edit extra elements . If you happen to have an already edited picture, we might be able to work with it.

P: ¿Can I ask for two characters in the same print?
R: No, it has to be one per print. You would have to order another one for another character.

P: ¿Can I order more than one print?
R: Of course, just remember to fill the form and send the payment for each print.

P: ¿If I have a picture of a player, can I use that instead as a joke?
R: You can under some conditions, first you must have permission from that person to use his image.
You should also send the picture to us, we won't be searching for pictures to work with.

P: I'm not attending to the tournament ¿Can I ask for someone to pick up my print?
R: ¡Sure! You can tell us who's picking it up in the form in RDT2.
Official poster Roll Dynasty Tournament A3 size ( 5€ )
- High quality A3 sized poster
- Send the 5€ payment telling us your tag in Paypal
- The deadline for ordering your poster is February 21st

Paypal :

- Abogado
- Alvaro
- Andriu
- AnesinGG
- Barbilla Carmesí
- Clepto
- Crispq
- Comostas
- Congo
- Defákinbos
- Devil.G
- Dip
- DViciat
- El_Bardo
- El_Pitikla
- Eternal Conflict
- Flamberik
- ForTseKe
- Guayo
- Guerao
- IvándeSevilla
- Jamiro
- Jasku
- Javiriato
- Kai
- Kakarot
- Kanna
- Kenko
- KiZaRu
- Koops
- Kuriso
- Lucimo
- Lucky
- Makoto
- Marcbri
- Marcpq
- mARry
- Menta
- Merf
- ML2
- MM
- MT
- Osuma
- Oveie
- Pefo
- Pepo
- Punk
- Putabida
- Raetah
- Ramonium
- RamonWars
- razenoku
- Rextone
- Robo~Luigi
- Rydle
- Shancks
- Superchoko
- Torhem
- Valtu
- Vilxs
- Willyyy
- Xevii
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