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Boost Walking / Pivot Walking
Watch the vid and use the info.
If you find anything new please post here.

Boost Walk canceling (BWC)
There are three ways to properly cancel this.
#1 jumping
#2 holding the pivot
#3 ducking

Jumping allows you to approach with this and pull off an airial really fast.
Holding the pivot is what is important.

Basically you want to begin your pivot to get a boost but hit the analog in the same direction that you just came from. The result is you canceling all of you momentum and facing the direction you just came from.
From here if you want to face around the other way just hit in that direction and attack (it is best to use something like f-tilt, FSmash, grab or along that same line so you don't take up 2 frames of turning lag).

If you cancel it but hit in the direction you were traveling in you will cancel with a small dash. This can be good getting grabs, DACUS, dash attack or a special.

You can also duck to cancel the Boost Walk. Depending on when you perform it you could get a small boost of momentum at the end.

Another form of canceling is shield canceling.
When you first input the pivot to perform Boost walking quickly hit shield.
Depending on your timing you will either be facing in the direction you were traveling too or you will be facing the direction you were traveling from.
Attacking while sliding
There are some attacks that can be performed during the beginning of the Boost Walk.
You will basically slide while performing your attack.

You can also grab while sliding to increase your over all grab range.
Smash Boosting
When you are walking perform the following actions:
(default controls) Hold A> Walk/Boost Walk> hit left/right on the c-stick
What happens is you perform a FSmash. Thing is your momentum from your walk is transferred into your FSmash. YouSo think Hyphen Smash, but with the FSmash.

Luigi can slide 1/8 of FD by using this.
Mañana, me pondré a practicarlas. La última si que sabía medio hacerla. Pero la primera y la segunda, no. De la primera no me he enterado muy bien, mañana veré de cuanto me he enterado xD

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