Bienvenidos a Smash Bros. Spain

Smash Bros. Spain es el hogar de la comunidad española de Smash Bros.

¡Únete y podrás participar en los torneos online, enterarte de cuándo serán los próximos torneos presenciales y compartir con nosotros todas tus inquietudes!

Habla aquí sobre torneos ya pasados y entérate de sus resultados
Bracket Singles
1st - MVL :4Sheik: :4Wario:
2nd - Robo~Luigi :4ROB: :4Cloud: :4Ryu:
3rd - El_Bardo :4DDD: :4Sonic:
4th - PEPESPAIN :4PacMan: :4GaW: :4Bowser:
5th - El_Pitikla :4Fox: :4Palutena:
5th - Willyyy :4Diddy: :4ROB: :4PacMan:
7th - ForTseKe :4Megaman:
7th - Frenzy :4Sheik: :4Diddy: :4Bayonetta:
9th - Kiro :4Mario:
9th - virgen :4Fox:
9th - javiriato :4PacMan: :4MK:
9th - Abogado :4Mewtwo:
13th - Kanna :4Yoshi:
13th - Burning DK :4Charizard: :4DK:
13th - aDDDrián :4DDD: :4Link:
13th - barbilla carmesi :4Cloud: :4GaW:
17th - ML2 :4Sonic: :4Mewtwo:
17th - Menta :4Peach:
17th - Alvaro :4Yoshi:
17th - Doffy :4Diddy:
17th - JustAYoshi :4Yoshi:
17th - Jutopa :4Wario:
17th - Nezц :4Villager:
17th - Chacon :4Bayonetta:
25th - Bled :4Ness:
25th - Edrall :4Fox:
25th - Renzii
25th - En :4Mewtwo: :4Roy:
25th - Shane :4DPit:
25th - DBlueSparks :4Greninja: :4Bowser:
25th - Sanse
25th - Matalí :4Mewtwo:
33rd - Cister

Bracket Doubles
1st - El_Bardo :4Sonic: & Robo~Luigi :4Cloud:
2nd - Kiro :4Waifu: & MVL :4Bayonetta: :4Diddy: :4CloudAC:
3rd - El_Pitikla :4Fox: & Kanna :4Yoshi:
4th - Frenzy :4Bayonetta: :4Sheik: & ForTseKe :4CloudAC:
5th - ML2 :4Ness: :4Sonic: & Barbilla Carmesí :4GaW: :4Cloud:
5th - aDDDrián :4DDD: & DBlueSparks :4Greninja:
7th - Nezц :4Villager: & Defakinbos :4Estela:
7th - Bled :4Mewtwo: & Virgen :4CloudAC:
9th - Javiriato :4Megaman: & Shane :4DPit:
9th - Cister & Sanse
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