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Por Tetra

Hello/Hola everyone, Tetra here! ^.^

Neokan Party 1 was a huge success, so now it's time for round 2!
And since Europe is severely lacking in huge, international events, we thought we'd make our own, here in France! Imagen
I've reached many foreign players, and so far a lot of them are interested, so this could be HUGE, it really depends on all of you guys!

Imagen Imagen Imagen

Players who have shown interest:
Imagen - Ryo :4Ike: Imagen
Imagen - Yura Imagen
Imagen - Darkwolf :4Shulk:
Imagen - S1 :4Ness: :4Mario:
Imagen - iStudying :4Greninja:
Imagen - Pika4Life :4Pikachu:
Imagen - Soreru :4Diddy:
Imagen - Ixis :4Sonic:
Imagen - CRZ :4Fox:
Imagen - G~P :4Ike:
Imagen - SilentDoom :4Cloud: :4Charizard:
Imagen - Khanage :4Peach:
Imagen- Hoe4u :4Pikachu:
Imagen - Skarfelt :4Fox:
Imagen - maXy :4Zelda:
Imagen - Greward :4Megaman: :4Bowser:
Imagen - Marcbri :4Diddy: :4CloudAC:
Imagen - Hazemoky :4CloudAC:
Imagen - cyve :4Diddy: :4Mewtwo:
Imagen - LoNg0uw :4ROB: :4CloudAC:
Imagen - Snow :4CloudAC: :4Mewtwo:
Imagen - Twomix :4Kirby: :4DuckHunt:
Imagen - Yoh :4Ike:
Imagen - Clade :4Lucas:
Imagen - Koyu Imagen :4Pit: :4Sheik:
Imagen - BlueLink :4Link: :4TLink:
Imagen - Marth4Ever :4Diddy:
Imagen - Lanz :4ROB:
Imagen - Loci_AF :4Falcon:
Imagen - Enygma Imagen
Imagen - Dinamirer :4Ness:
Imagen - Genarog :4Lucas:
Imagen - SmuFF :4Falcon:
Imagen - WiiASE :4Ryu: :4Bowser:
Imagen - L-T :4ROB:
Imagen - Teminian :4Villager:

The confirmed players have a green checkmark next to their names. Expect even more in the near future, too!

Aside from them, expect more players from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, and possibly Italy. I'm also starting to know a lot of top players from the US, and you'd be surprised just how many of them expressed interest in attending European tournaments. I intend to ask more players from Japan as well, basically making this event as big as possible.

Imagen And of course, almost every top player from France should be there! Imagen
As I hope you all know, we're one of the tougher countries in Europe, so we have more than enough talented players to keep you busy, like...
-Glutonny :4Falcon: :4WarioM:
-Phogos :4Diddy:
-Elexiao :4Greninja: :4PacMan:
-Anragon :4Falco:
-Griffith :4ZSS: :4Sheik: :4Bayonetta:
-Deimos :4ZSS: :4Ness:
-Neath :4Diddy: :4Roy:
-Latzo :4Pikachu:
-Mana :4TLink:
-Nin :4Diddy: :4ROB:
-Purner :4DuckHunt:
-Homika :4Estela: :4LMac:
-Yoren :4Sheik: :4CloudAC:
-Greil :4Mario: Imagen
-Yass :4Fox:
-Pur Gars :4Lucario:
-Scarhi :4Shulk:
-Marm :4Samus:
-Vanaheim :4ROB:
-Kuroshooter :4Lucas:
-Inter :4Lucario:
-Volya Imagen
-VinS :4Link:
-C7A :4Puff:
...and more, I just tried to showcase some of our more interesting players, so you guys can see the character variety if you're unfamiliar with our scene. For instance Anragon got second at our latest national with Falco, bringing Glutonny to game 5 twice, and beating some of the best in the process. Purner also took out Phogos with Duck Hunt... It's a crazy meta we have here to say the least!

So if you're interested, please say so, and maybe register if you're sure about going! Europe has a lot of strong players, but we desperately lack exposure and experience, we need big events like these, but they can only be big if a lot of you guys come! Let's make this a tournament to rival even the likes of Bushido Brawl Impact! Talk about it, ask your friends, spread the word, let's show the world what Europe can do! Also, I'll try to convince them to shake off this bad habit, but french top players tend to register at the last moment, so don't panic if you don't see a lot of attendees. You can be certain that they'll be there. In case you need it, here's a Facebook group to organize housing and transportation, among other things. Don't worry, most of our top players speak decent english!

Finally, note that while I've only talked about Smash 4 so far, Neokan Party 2 will also have Melee, Project M and Rivals of Aether events. If you're into that, Zen (a great PM Charizard main) and Kaos (possibly the best RoA player in Europe) will also be attending.
Don't hesitate to ask questions, I'm not the TO of this event, but I can always answer! ^^
Also, I'd highly appreciate if one of you guys could provide a spanish translation for this post, I know english can be an issue for some people.
It is indeed interesting but with so little time to plan the trip in advance seems like it will be quite expensive to book right now. For future tournaments don't hesitate to post here as with enough time moving from Spain to France is quite cheap !
Will do!
I asked Greward and Marcbri to spread the word quite some time ago now, but I guess it wasn't enough. :(
I hope some of you guys can still make it, maybe you can look into Megabus, or try to arrange something with players from the south of France (Volya and Homika for instance). I encourage you to go ask about that on the facebook page.

I won't hesitate to post ASAP for next time, and I can already tell you that if Neokan Party 2 is a success, the third edition should happen a week or so before Syndicate, in September, so stay tuned for that! :)
No worries, I'll post a thread earlier for Neokan Party 3!

Still, for now, try to make it to Neokan Party 2 if you can! Ask on Facebook and see what services like Megabus have to offer, I'm sure some of you can come. :3

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