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Por ForTseKe
Buenas vengo a traeros una entrevista muy enteresante que encontre sobre ScAtt actual mejor megaman mainer y top player y su mundo competitivo y que da algunos consejos y animos para todos los :4Megaman: Mainers (No tengo tiempo para traducirla lo siento) :

SmashCapps: Thanks again for the interview man!

ScAtt: Not a problem at all dude!

SmashCapps: Alright! First big question: When did you start playing Smash, and with what game?

ScAtt: I've been playing Smash since I was a kid. Maybe I was 5 or 6 when I first started playing with Smash 64.

SmashCapps: So is Smash 4 the first game you took seriously in a competitive sense?

ScAtt: I have actually been playing competitively since Brawl back in late 2008; I wasn't actually allowed to travel much since my mom wasn't big on me staying out late to play a video game that I was "obsessed" with while also meeting people she didn't know lol. Granted, I was 13 years old at the time so I know that she just wanted me to be safe. Most of my Brawl career was spent playing at tournaments in and around Georgia.

SmashCapps: Did you ever have any big moments in Brawl like tournament wins? Also, who was your Brawl main?

ScAtt: I had a few tournament wins in locals but nothing really that notable outside of occasionally beating other well known Georgia players like Reflex, Kismet, and BIglou. Outside of this, I had a really close set with MVD back in the day. I primarily played Snake throughout my career while having Luigi and Olimar as my secondaries.

mashCapps: I gotta ask, how did you come up with the tag ScAtt?

ScAtt: I'll go ahead and get the elephant in the room out of the way; my tag is meant to pay homage to Scatman John. I loved listening to his music back then and I happened to be doing a project in middle school on him, so I just said why not?

SmashCapps: So you went from Snake, a character really interesting with projectiles and tricks, to Mega Man who has a lot of the same. What was it that that drew you towards Mega Man?

ScAtt: Going from Snake to Mega Man was pure coincidence lol. Mega Man X was (and probably still is) my favorite video game series of all outside of Smash. Obviously, X wasn't really an option to play at that point so the next best thing was Mega Man. Of course I love Mega Man games too but the X series still has my heart. However, If Snake was to make an appearance again I definitely would not be opposed to playing him again too.

SmashCapps: It's awesome to see someone playing a character for the love! So what is it like playing a character not so commonly seen? Some consider you the best Mega Man around and look up to you as a "hero" of the character. How does that feel?

ScAtt: It's feels pretty surreal honestly; I did want to be the best Mega Man at some point during the 3DS release for sure, but that goal sort of feel out in favor of just having fun exploring the character and the game at the time. I didn't expect so much exposure so suddenly, but I definitely feel humbled to have the support that I do have from my fans, family, and friends. It feels as if I don't really deserve the title, but I am quite thankful for it.

SmashCapps: Do you think Mega Man is 'viable' in Smash 4? What are his best and worst matchups among the 'top tier' or generally seen tournament threats?

ScAtt: I definitely do think that he has his place in the meta. In my opinion he is a very viable character. He does not hard counter anyone in the top tier although I do think that he has winning match-ups against Sonic, Ness, Ryu, and Diddy. Mega Man has even match-ups against Rosalina and Meta Knight. However, he does have disadvantaged match-ups in Fox and Mario. His absolute worst match-up is Sheik which holds him back pretty heavily. I honestly do feel as if Mega Man does not have many losing match-ups. However, having the most commonly seen characters in the game as losing match-ups doesn't exactly help his viability

SmashCapps: Do you think Mega Man has the potential to get better in these matchups in time with undiscovered tech or something similar?

ScAtt: I do. Mega Man does have problems with taking stocks, but Super Glide Tossing Metal Blade forwards consistently leads into a plethora of his kill options. Unfortunately, it's really hard to do consistently since the inputs are VERY precise. Even recently, I've found ways to optimize Mega Man's edgeguarding a bit to alleviate a few of those match-ups (namely Mario and Fox). Sheik on the other hand is something I've yet to figure out how to deal with.

SmashCapps: What's the next big event we might see you at?

ScAtt: I don't have any solid plans to go anywhere as of now, but I am definitely interested in heading out to Genesis 3 if I come up with the money and transportation to!

SmashCapps: Do you have any Smash players you'd consider a big rival? Any role models?

ScAtt: Fatality, Reflex, and Neos (currently ranked 4th on the Georgia PR) are definitely rivals who keep me in check at tourneys. I'd say that my biggest role model is probably Ally since I've been astonished with his play since Brawl on top of him being a cool guy in general! Oh, and Zero too of course! Being as good as he is at Smash 4 while being a genuinely good dude is something I aspire to be.

SmashCapps: So a few smaller non-smash things for the readers and I'll set you free! You mentioned you love the Mega Man games, what other games are you playing outside of Smash?

ScAtt: I haven't actually finished any games recently since Smash and college take up the majority of my time now, but I absolutely LOVE Kingdom Hearts, the Mario & Luigi series, and an assortment MMORPGs (Fiesta, Rumble Fighter, Dragon's Nest). The list goes on, but anything Nintendo related is most likely something that I have or will play!

SmashCapps: You mention college, what are you studying?

ScAtt: Computer Engineering Technology!

SmashCapps: That's interesting! What got you wanting to study it?

ScAtt: A certain blue robot! It's fun being able to imagine building something virtually while being able to see it perform actions in reality.

ScAtt: Any big tips for any Mega mains out there trying to find success? Any tips for anyone out there trying to get good at Smash or anything else?

ScAtt: Stage control is key with Mega Man; if you don't get it back, you will struggle. If you want to be good at anything, don't be afraid to aim a little higher! It's okay to aim for first and nothing less; it's possible as long as you want it bad enough!

SmashCapps: Any last things you want to tell the world while you've got the chance?

ScAtt: Shoutouts to the Georgia smash community who made me into the player I am now as well as neos and his sisters who've been my support since I was 6! I don't consider myself a great mega man yet; look forward to seeing a bigger and better mega man from me soon

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Por Jamiro
Es un gran Mega, aunque más me gusta como juega Zucco.

Si dice que Sheik es un hard counter Bayo seria la madre de todas
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