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Smash Bros. Spain es el hogar de la comunidad española de Smash Bros.

¡Únete y podrás participar en los torneos online, enterarte de cuándo serán los próximos torneos presenciales y compartir con nosotros todas tus inquietudes!

Foreigners can post here, use English please.
Por Tuercas
Hi, my name is Joshua. I'm also known as LTL | Tuercas in the Smash Community. I'm a Smash 4 player (I also play some Melee and Project M), TO, and Streamer who currently resides in the state of Nebraska. I am originally from Zaragoza and I will be staying there with some family from August 2nd to February 2nd. I am completely fluent in Spanish, but I feel more comfortable with posting in English (which is why I'm posting in English lol).

Since I'm going to be staying here for 6 months, I really want to get to know the Smash scene. So I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me information about the Smash scene here. :]

Also, if you guys need a TO or a Streamer, I'm your guy. I have extensive knowledge on TOing events. In fact, I'm TOing Nexus (featuring Ally, Dabuz, and Zinoto) in July.

If you need to contact me, the best way to do so is by Twitter.
I also have a WhatsApp. +1 (801) 309-9138

Thanks for everything! I'll see you guys next month! :]
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Por SefiCompacto
Es una lástima porque 30 y 31 de julio tenemos un nacional en madrid en uno de los eventos de fighting games de españa más grandes, el Sonic Boom.

Puedes usar nuestro Calendario de torneos para ir mirando eventos y fechas cada mes, pero por lo general tenemos torneos mensuales en Barcelona(quizá bimensuales pronto), Valencia, Alicante, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia y puede que alguna zona más junto a torneos regionales de vez en cuando en algunas zonas. Nacionales no tenemos demasiados, quizá cada 3-4 meses.

Twitter oficial de SBS:
PR top 30: ... 304&t=8622 (en ese mismo subforo puedes ver rankings de diferentes regiones también)

Y no se me ocurre nada más que pasarte, no sé si hay torneos por la zona de zaragoza así que espero que alguien que sepa más de ello te diga algo al respecto, cualquier duda pregunta sin problemas.
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Por Vhaltz
I'm a smash 4 player currently living and competing in Barcelona, but I'm going back to my hometown in Zaragoza in around a month, so almost exactly around when you arrive.

I'd be cool with playing some games whenever, I also know a couple of people who used to play online tournaments for fun. I don't think they play anymore since they stopped maybe 1 year after release, but I could still ask to see if they're interested.
I don't use twitter much, it's much, much easier to find me on discord if you want to chat about it at some point.
Por Tuercas
Thanks for the information guys! I'll get in contact with you guys as soon as I can. Please get in contact with me whenever you can. Hope to play some Smash with you guys when I arrive in Spain. Thanks again for the info! :]
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