Bienvenidos a Smash Bros. Spain

Smash Bros. Spain es el hogar de la comunidad española de Smash Bros.

¡Únete y podrás participar en los torneos online, enterarte de cuándo serán los próximos torneos presenciales y compartir con nosotros todas tus inquietudes!

Foreigners can post here, use English please.
Hi everyone,
I’m Pur Gars, TO of the French association Smash on Sud, and a French player too. :4Lucario:

I’d like to share with you the link of our upcoming bif tournament : the MARS 2017. Taking place at the center of Marseille, the 29, 30th April and the first of May, there will be 5 tournaments on these 3 days.

Smash 4 singles : 160 entrants
Smash 4 doubles : 64 entrants
Smash 4 crew 3v3 : 48 entrants
Melee 1v1 : 64 entrants
Melee 2v2 : 32 entrants

Best players from France will be there of course and a lot of Italian and Swiss players are already confirmed.

Moreover, a facebook group has been created to help interested players to find cheap accommodations.
And also, we are seaching for cheap ways to come from spain. (We found offer in bus from Madrid to Marseille at 35€)

I know that some players here are already interested, it would be sick to have some of you !

You can find all the informations you need on the official website of the event : link is on the website.

Feel free to ask me more details. Thank you !
Hi everyone,
I’m Pur Gars, TO of the French association Smash on Sud, and a French player too. :4Lucario:

yay you ended up making the post pur'luu! deeeefinitelie going and it's looking like an extremelie amazing event!

but yas! it would be nice to know about airports close to the event! or would the closest one be Barcelona's?

(v n//o/n)v~☆♡☆
The closest airport to the venue is the airport "aéroport marseille provence" in "Vitrolles". There's bus everytime from this airport to the main train station of Marseille "Gare Saint-Charles" and this train station is at 5min from the venue by feet. The airport to the train station by bus take 20min.

Here's the list of every airport you can take :


Btw, here's the link of the facebook group for the accomodations : ... 7/?fref=ts
MT, marcpq y yo vamos a ir en coche, buscamos 4to o incluso posible 5to para el viaje!
Yo soy el 4º hueco, pero aún queda libre para un quinto tanto en coche como habitación, si alguien se anima ¡Poneros en contacto con cualquiera de los 4 para toda la info!

PD: ¡En 3 días cierran inscripciones así que quick!
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